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How do I add tracking API to my website?

I want to add [Pacsun Order Tracking](https://wetrackcourier.com/pacsun-order-tracking/) API into my website, so that customers can get their package information instantly. How and where should I add the API?

Tracking code examples

Hello, Please can you provide an example using the Tracking Script field? I am using the Google Universal Analytics (gtag.js) and want to signal when the form has been submitted. I assume I should send a manual pageview: https://developers.google.com/analytics/devguides/collection/gtagjs/pages#manual_pageviews Do I need the <script></script> tags? So the final entry in the Tracking Script field would be of the format: <script> gtag('event', 'page_view', { page_title: '<Page Title>', page_location: '<Page Location>', page_path: '<Page Path>' }) </script>

Default Value for Textbox

How can I add a default value (e.g. DisplayName) in a textbox using the FormBuilder?

Register Examle

Hello, Can anyone give an example that uses OpenForm to register? Thanks

File input questions

Hello, I have a couple of questions around the file input control. I've added them using the Form Builder. 1. If I set a File field to "Required", the validation stops the form from submitting. I can choose a file, but I cannot submit the form. I get "This field is not optional." - Is this a bug or a browser limitation? 2. Is there a way to stop OpenForm from attaching the uploaded file to an email notification? Many thanks, Olly Hodgson.

How to delete form submissions?

Hi Sacha, I might be missing something obvious. Is there a way to delete form submissions from the user interface? Many thanks, Olly.

Openform - Download csv error

Hi Sacha, I am having the error "A critical error has occurred. Please check the Event Viewer for further details." when i click the "Download as Excel" link. Any idea how to fix this? Cheers, Gillian

Possible to pass data to form from querystring?

Hello, Is it possible to pass in querystring data to a form, to include in the post? e.g. if I had a job application form where the only thing which needed to change was the job the user was applying for, I could re-use a single form for several items. Can I pass that in via the querystring (or another way)? Many thanks, Olly.

Disable store data

Hi, Is it possible to disable the storing of submitted data? All the submission is sent to an email only.

Store data in different tables

So i tried the Open Form module and i noticed that the data is stored in a json format inside SQL Server. However, i would like to store the data normally by tables and columns as in a typical database table. How can i achieve this?